I've never seen so many families with more than 3 children before I came to live in US. In Poland, when I was there (now maybe it's different), two children were usually a standard. Three happened really rarely. I didn't know any family with four of them.

Coming here the number of families with four children in my neighborhood was astonishing to me!
I clearly thought they're crazy considering the work we had with our two.
Soon, I was about to find out that having four is actually easier to raise than just two.
In big families, kids were more independent because parents had no time on their hands to help with evey smallest task (which we did), kids were entertaining each other playing or arguing (we were expected to entertain ours), kids had stronger sense of being part of a group where you help each other.
Of course, I'm talking about families with really loving and wise parents who make it clear to each and every child that they always love them, no matter what they do, and no matter what happens.

This sculpture was commissioned by the father of four boys. It was a surprise gift for his wife who was pregnant with their fifth child. Fifth!!! How crazy is that?

I truly admire this family. All these kids are so well-behaved and so smart! Parents - very unusual and interesting personalities always guarantee quality discussions.

The sculpture, called "Conversation", was meant to celebrate the total "pregnancy state" of family (which equates to almost four years with five children!).

"Conversation" is about strong connection of two people - mother and her child.
Something mothers never forget - their conversations, out loud or within their minds, with growing baby inside of them. This continuous flow of love and approval for whatever happens. Conversation with God or something bigger than us to show gratitude for this precious gift of life.

I hope you enjoy the spirituality of this conversation like this family of five kids (four boys and one princess) do!

She is in a bronze finish and is slightly taller than two feet.