Common Questions 


What is the technique of these sculptures?


I sculpt in my own technique I call AlumixArt™ Mixed Media, which contains mostly of aluminum.  



  What kind of finishes are available?


I can finish my sculptures in many ways. They can look like iron, bronze, stone, copper, aluminum. I bond different metals to create desired finish.



Q   What is the maintenance?


Just dust it. Once a year, you can pour some vegetable oil on the cloth, and spread it on the very surface of the sculpture (not pushing it in the pours).



  Do you ship worldwide?


Please contact me with this question.









Q   Do you do editions?


No I don't. This is not casting. Every sculpture is different. I do series of one subject though. Sculptures in the series are very similar, but still one of a kind.



How heavy are these sculptures?


They're relatively light, since the main material is aluminum.



How long does it take to create a sculpture?         

It depends. It's not a factory, so every sculpture has it's own timing. Sometimes I need to look for the right shape longer, sometimes it just comes instantly.



Can I display them outdoors?


Yes, you can commission a sculpture to be displayed outdoors .