I'm sure your first thought was "Adam & Eve", right?...

Well, she's not Eve from the Old Testament. She actually is a Very Particular State of Mind we humans experience from time to time.

How often do you feel, having a conversation with somebody, that under nice words there is much more that you don't hear? That, there is a kind of FEELING which doesn't confirm words?

That's Eve! 
She's holding an apple, a little toxic apple.
She Says One Thing, Feels the Other.

We all experience her. Sometimes we feel Eve in friends (this little apple in her hand). Sometimes we're Eve ourselves. Even if we don't want it, we feel sudden jealousy or sarcasm during friendly conversation.

And that's OK!..

While concentrating on accepting negative emotions we can take our emotional well-being into our own hands. We NEED this balance.

Can you accept Eve in yourself?  I hope so. Because you're going to need it to achieve your emotional freedom...

"Eve" is 6' tall. She's finished in raw iron look.