New idea, new project in your head... it just came, exciting but quite complex. You want to do it, but... (here come all the excuses).

Lack of clarity creates procrastination.
But the clarity comes from taking the action.

When I started this sculpture, I had no idea how it will look like. I knew I had to tell the story and the clarity came through action of sculpting. The look of this sculpture about Momentum was slowly unfolded by it’s own momentum.

Even if I don’t know exactly how my sculpture will look like - it doesn’t stop me!
There is a magic from simply starting. From just doing it.

Your goal should be to get started and to know that you will learn along the way by taking the small steps.
The future is uncertain. Planning is important, but result depends on your action!

Create Momentum!... is the message of this sculpture.

“Momentum III” is 39” (1m) tall. Build on the antic pillar with a “moss” finish.