"We don't own our children".  
How often do you think about that? 

Life before them was a completely different chapter. It seems easier, more crazy and spontaneous. Was easier to travel and we did it often. Late night partying every week was a standard.
But, there was deep down this feeling, difficult to describe feeling of lack of life purpose. Satisfaction and successes in art and business didn't cut it.

"Why am I here? What will it take to feel that it makes sense to be here?"
The very first second I found out I'm pregnant with our first son was a first second of the new chapter.  This was a moment I felt the deepest purpose of my life. Life suddenly made sense - I was the mother.
Yes, life became more complex and difficult, not as flexible. We definitely travel less.
But the whole experience of showing and teaching our children the world around us, introducing the emotional and spiritual life to them, pushed me and George to discover totally new layers inside of us. We had no idea they exist or we had to create new ones to serve our children. I'm really not sure who learns more in the process - us or our kids.

The first night my son didn't need to be nursed I cried. I realized I needed this connection more than him. But... we don't own our children, right? One day they will leave us and we will again start a completely new chapter.
Let's get ready.

This sculpture is about getting ready.
Made for one of the best athletes I know, mother of two girls almost ready to leave the nest.


She is in bronze  finish, appr. 3' tall.