I've made it for my dearest husband and it proudly sits in his office.

Well... this sculpture was a challenge for me, because in my own sculpting technique I'm using, I've never achieved marble finish before.
It's amazing, it really looks and feels in touch like marble! But at the same time it's super light because main part of my technique is aluminum.

I love telling stories in my art work. All pieces illustrate my thoughts on certain subject, represent my "current mode". Can you guess what this one is about?

How often do you wonder... why do "some people stumble and fall, while others have it all"?
Imagine, what it would be like to have all the Love, Wealth, Happiness, Peace and Joy that you truly desire?

It's all in your MIND! And I believe that.

"ONLY YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF" to harness the power of your mind...and this sculpture is all about it.

Do you think it is motivating my husband to think BIG?...