We miss living in Europe. Mostly because it is so easy to travel places with completely different culture, traditions, esthetics. In two hour plane flight you move from Rome to London, from London to Madrid etc...  Short and sweet!

Totally different story when you need to move to a country on a different continent for years to come.

This sculpture was made for family who moves like that every few years.  Great people! She’s Polish, he is British and their two small children.
When they commissioned this sculpture they wanted me to capture their current mixed emotions about another move offer. From the US to Bangkok.
Financial part was very tempting but atmosphere in Bangkok very unstable.

“Traveler” tells their story. She looks far for direction standing high on the rock. The symbol of the luggage in her hand sits on the very tip of her fingers, not sure whether she wants to grab it. One leg steps forward, but her body leans back. She’s full of contradiction.

I finished her in iron look standing on green granite rock. She's about 5' tall.
Real focal point in their modern living room.

By the way... they didn't move this time.

Cheers :)