Everybody likes options, right?

And everybody wants the freedom to choose...

Well, the moment we start to choose what we think... that's the moment we gain our freedom.

Just think about this - whatever we think, believe and focus our attention on, is what manifests as our life.

Isn't it that when we're searching for life options outside of ourselves, we'll find the answers within?

Buckminster Fuller said: "Your mind believes what you say to it most often, and what you'll say about yourself, it will create. It doesn't have a choice"... We have a choice what to say to it!

We only have so much time left on this planet. Let's live it on our terms.

Let's root it deeply like a Tree!

"Tree Friend" was created for a Tree Lover, a Very Enthusiastic And Strong Person,

Really "Rooted" in Her Choices For Life.