This is a story of a couple. A complicated story of living together in a relationship.

Basically, as most couples around me, she and he live separate lives. They do different things in live, a little like own dance, but to be together they need to find their balance. The balance to survive as a couple (I call it a "sweet spot"). It's like balancing a common wheel of life together.
Different dances on the same wheel but done the way that they're perfectly balanced. Not an easy task.

The first one shows a couple succeeding but they're not really connected and it's sad. Could be so much more enjoyable. Most couples I know are like that.


The couple in the second one is connected, but it's very much confrontation not a loving connection - again, like many cases around us.

First one is pictured during the exhibition in Taplin Gallery in Princeton before it went to its new owners. The second one was exhibited in Grounds For Sculpture the summer of 2012 and it's mine for ever.

They're both in bronze finish, mounted on antic wheels, ~20" tall.